Contractual quality. Amazing results.

Accurate communication of what final prints will look like is key to customer confidence in any print business. Unexpected results are costly, time-consuming and damage that confidence. Prime-Proof  provides a complete quality control solution that allows you to verify and correct incoming files and provide color accurate proofs on screen and on paper.

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Versatile proofing for all types of production, including packaging. Certification to industry standards. Accurate match between proof and print.

Contractual quality for better communication between print-buyer and production
Prime-Proof  provides effortless setup and allows for out-of the box contract proofs in line with the ISO 12647-7 and other industry color standards. Regardless of whether you’re preparing files for offset, gravure, newspaper, flexo- or screenprinting, Prime-Proof  Multi Channel color engine provides an easy path to spot-on results. It plays well with specialty printing types such as packaging, consistently generating superb, color-accurate proofs and ensures to carry those results through to production and final output.


Built for flexibility and growth
Prime-Proof  combines unparalleled flexibility and ease of use straight out of the box. Prime-Proof consists of different modules: the Calibrator, the Editor, the Layout and the RIP, allowing the separation of calibration and profiling from job preparation and actual proofing. You can easily add functionality  through the different available options.


Specialty Proofing and Packaging Mock-ups
Prime-Proof drives a wide range of printers. Prime-Proof offers high quality strandard proofing. The Prime-Proof color engine and printer drivers handle the complexity of operating with the same ease of use as they do regular 4 color work.

Vorteile Prime-Proof 6.0

Enable better communication between print-buyer and production

  • Allows for ISO Color standardized output.
  • Supports all PDF standards (GWG, PDF-x4, PDFX-1a, …).
  • Create packaging proofs and mock-ups that look like the real deal.

Achieve better quality

  • Intuitive user interface allows for easy calibration, profiling and fine-tuning
  • Prime-Proof Editor allows for last minute corrections and soft proofing

Produce more… efficiently

  • Produce more jobs per day through accurate proofing. Simply plug in additional print drivers to increase the type and amount of machines you can drive
  • Prime-Proof provides both the automation capabilities and specific interactive production tools
    needed to produce better and more

Features Prime-Proof 6.0

Color, quality & Ink

  • ISO 12647-7 compliant output
  • Comes with FOGRA/UGRA v3 media wedge
  • X-Rite iSis2 und EPSON ILS30 Support
  • M0 / M1 / M2 Messung
  • Comes with a standard editor offering a host of image editing, production tools and soft proofing, also on PDF files
  • Drives Multi Channel printers
  • Fine-tunes results through DeviceLink profiles
  • Works with high-end color-managed workflows (CMYK, RGB or Lab)
  • Accepts all the main file formats: PS, PDF (X4, X3, X1a), EPS, PSD, AI, nCT/nLW, DCS2, TIFF (/IT) and the RAW format for digital photography
  • Advanced handling of spot colors, fully CxF-compatible
  • Provides a handy spot color tuner
  • Can use standard and customized contact sheet templates
  • Color setting import via Adobe CSF
  • Supports all common spectrophotometers from X-Rite and Barbieri
  • EPSON SC-P-Serie (Lan and USB support)
  • Canon Pro-4000s, Pro-6000s (comming soon)


  • Easy set up of an unlimited number of proofing or photo printing queues and hot folders
  • Automatic media optimization


  • Compatibility (minimum specs):
    • Windows® Vista, Windows 7 – 10, Server 2008 (all 32 and 64bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 Processor 650, 3.2Ghz (no AMD support)
    • Memory: 4 GB
    • Hard Disk: 160 GB
    • Mac OS® 10.7 – 10.12
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel® Core™ 2 Duo
    • Memory: 4 GB
    • Hard Disk: 160
  • Compatibility (improved performance)
    • Windows® Windows 7 – 10, Server 2008 (64bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 2.7 Ghz and above
    • Memory: 16 GB
    • Hard Disk 1: 128 GB SSD (OS)
    • Hard Disk 2: 256 GB SSD or more
    • Hard Disk 3: 256 GB SSD or more
    • Double RIP memory assignments to the RIP processes of each printer
    • Mac OS® 10.9 – 10.12
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 2.7 Ghz and above
    • Memory: 16 GB
    • Hard Disk 1: 128 GB SSD (OS)
    • Hard Disk 2: 256 GB SSD or more
    • Double RIP memory assignments to the RIP processes of each printer
  • Drives one printer as standard. More optional available.
  • Simultaneous rendering and printing for higher efficiency.

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